How Successful are Your Projects?

It’s been about nine months since my last post on Process Refactored — hell, it’s been so long I’m not even getting comment spam here anymore. I haven’t, however, been entirely unproductive; the past nine months have seen the gestation of a handful of new projects, including an open source image management utility and, most recently, a project management tool called Project Slicer.

Project Slicer is a post-mortem management and dashboarding platform, which means that it endeavors to capture summary data about completed projects. Learning from the mistakes of previous projects is critical to ensuring improved performance on future projects.

Once registered (as a free, pro or premium member), users create their own project office and proceed to add projects and team members. Feedback can be either attributed or anonymous (at the preference of the project manager), and encompasses both quantifiable and qualitative data. All feedback is aggregated into the project office dashboard, which can be filtered by project manager, client or type of project.

Project Slicer is currently open to all users as a fully-functional beta, and feedback is always welcome through UserVoice. If tweeting, please mention (and follow!) @projectslicer.

Expect additional features and UI improvements in the months ahead…

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