The Five Stages of Bottom-Up Estimate Adoption

  1. Denial.
    “There’s nothing wrong with our current top-down estimation process. Why reinvent the wheel? Wouldn’t our time be better spent arguing about Lost?”
  2. Anger.
    “Oh my god, look at how long it’s taking to figure this out! Who the hell came up with this idea? Is this guy trying to put us out of business? I’m just asking because I’d like to continue to feed my family, smartass.”
  3. Bargaining.
    “How about we continue to ballpark the stuff that hasn’t been well scoped, or is needed urgently, or doesn’t require a lot of detail right out of the gate, or is written on this list I keep in my pocket that I can’t show you? For everything else, go nuts.”
  4. Depression.
    “If these are the minimum amount of hours in which we can complete the project, why even bother pitching on it? We’re overpriced. We’re outgunned. We’re going to lose all our clients to smaller companies with lower overhead. Bangalore outsource economy, I salute you.”
  5. Acceptance.
    “We’re still in business. Our revenues have increased, and our staff isn’t staying up until 4am building something that we scoped out on the back of a takeout menu. I think it’s going to be okay now.”


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